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Lost Treasures A wagon train left Denver in 1907 carrying 6 massive barrels filled with ‘newlyminted’ Barber dimes, nicknamed after Charles Barber, the coin designer.

All that will be said for sure is that neither the coins, nor men carrying them, were ever seen once more.

One theory is that the wagon train was attacked by bandits and, despite their armed escort, were unable to fend off attack. Basically the shipment under no circumstances arrived, the dimes were being delivered to Phoenix. Some 900 miles away. Fact, Others believe party So in case you search for the eale treasure. That hasn’t stopped hundreds of people from looking, his meaning words is cryptic and not 100 solid.

A court stenographer was brought in to record his statements and some believe his incoherent references to something hidden in the woods in Phoenicia, NY, your favorite copy of Independence Declaration or a few thousand Ancient Roman coins, let me give you a push in the right direction with these tales of lost treasures that probably were waiting for you to search for them.

Lost Treasures Past month we ld you about people who stumbled upon their fortune.

He was simply another struggling writer who couldn’t catch a break, before Edgar Allan Poe was Edgar Allen Poe.

Poe’s rise to fame would have to wait until he published the Raven nearly 20 years later in 1845, Tamerlane received no critical consideration at time. In 1827, he hired Calvin Thomas to publish 50 his manuscript copies, Tamerlane and different Poems, in the hopes that it will ‘kick start’ his career. The page described the treasure itself 2900 gold pounds, 5100 pounds of silver, and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Besides, first and third pages have in no circumstances been deciphered, despite people working on it for nearly 175 years. Yes, that’s right! Morriss left box to an acquaintance, who, surprisingly, been actually able to decipher second page using a particular copy of after his death. This has been case. He went ahead and opened the box, and spent quite a few of his existence making an attempt to decode pages to no avail. Then once again. Twenty years later, nobody had ever come for box, nor had Morriss received any key documents from St. You will have to decode it to look for loot, message went on to say that the treasure exact location was searched with success for on first page.

In 1820, a mysterious stranger left a locked iron box with Robert Morriss, an innkeeper in Bedford County.

Stranger, who went by the name Thomas Jefferson Beale, said that a man must be coming to retrieve the box some amount of time in the next 11 years.

Therefore if noone ever came, Morriss could keep box and contents inside. Now let me ask you something. What was inside box? Beale promised to send the 4 keys to Morriss when he arrived in St.